Priya Paul
Department of Biotechnology/ Faculty of Science
Kalinga University Raipur

One of the most interesting hill stations in India is Chikhaldara, which is situated in the Amaravati district of Maharashtra state. The town is located in a highland plateau area south of the Satpura mountain ranges, which separate Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Being a hill station, it is enjoyable all year long, but the best time to visit is post monsoon august to march with lush foliage, gorgeous waterfalls, and a lake full of water. It is simple to go to this location using State transportation buses and a rented automobile; the trip takes 5 hours and uses the NH-6. The trip through the ghats is exhilarating. For local travel, a personal vehicle is typically advised because there are no other domestic transportation options available than an auto or an e-rickshaw in Chikhaldara. However, the government has lately begun to develop the area for tourists. Panchbol Point, Monkey Point, and Sunrise Point are the primary Hill Station points, and the views from these locations are stunning. There are numerous attractive locations across the town, including the Botanical Garden, the Wildlife Museum, and some well-known lakes including Bhimkund and Bir Dam. Chikaldhara is a part of the Melaghat-kolkar Wildlife Sanctuary and Tiger Reserve, making it simple to go on a forest safari and see tigers by making reservations for tickets, guides, and gipsies. In addition, we have access to activities like horseback riding, boating, biking, tracking, and photography. A well-known dessert called RABDI is highly well-liked here.

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