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Advanced Driver Assistant System

Swapnil Shukla

Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engg. Department



Talking about ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistant System,

Basically, you know that all the accidents that happen are due to the human error during the driving

So the accidents that are happen can be avoided in some way, not completely, but if anything can happen, that’s why the Advanced Driver Assistant system has come and how it works, it is a system in which many applications come into account. As you know the vehicle contain various type of sensor and all are connected to electronic control unit or we can say in as brain of the vehicle. Like tire pressure monitoring sensor of your vehicle is connected to ECU.

 If we talk about ADAS, what it is, it works to do many safety features to avoid accidents, like first comes Adaptive Cruise Control in which, with the help of sensor and radar a during traveling vehicle can know the traveling condition like what is the distance from another vehicle, how many times our attention gets diverted, then in that condition, do you have to change the speed again and again according to your own There is no need, because of the automatic radar system, the vehicle can see that at what distance is the vehicle ahead, how much distance, otherwise it is active cruise control.Another type of ADAS is glare free high beam headlights there are sensors installed inside it, mostly the accident happened at night, so if you are traveling in a vehicle and light goes on the eyes, then it works to protect it, it reduces the light, which is the intensity of the light, it reduces so in a way it is also a safety feature.Next ADAS is automatic parking system, it comes with a set of camera with sensor that can shows you what is blind spot it also provide a camera which can alert you, if anyone is crossing near you or near the distance that you stay  to avoid the accident.The next one is the knowing navigation system, this is the basic work of showing you the route, guiding you, whether it is by voice or by vibration, there are many methods of navigation system.Helps you to get the route right if there is traffic then it tells at which path to follow. Navigation system also comes under ADAS Crosswind stabilization, basically when it comes if the car which is going on a big bridge or it is going on someone where there is a lot of wind then the car becomes unstable from there, so there these sensors come in for stabilizationNowadays the systems have become so advanced that if you are sitting inside the vehicle and if you are feeling sleepy, then the camera sensor of the vehicle indicate you that driving is not fully focused his tension is not on driving then system will alert by voice command . If driver is not giving any reaction, it doesn’t matter to him, even in that condition, he can stop the vehicle by applying brakes to the control vehicle. Even today the artificial intelligence car has come; it will learn automatically driving with your driving patternAll these sensors come, apart from this, there are many more sensors, but the basic what it means that ADAS is a system in which there are many safety sensors, which will  reduce the road accidents.



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