Business Plan Competitions In India To Participate For Startups

Start-ups are the backbone of today’s culture of innovations and technology. Not only in the field of technology these have massive effects on economy of a nation, we have seen again and again that brilliant ideas change the landscape of our lives, they practically change everything, from Jeff Bezos’s groundbreaking delivery service Amazon which reimagined the way we shop to Steve Jobs famous introduction of apple’s iPhone which kickstarted an era of smartphones.

These now multimillion-dollar companies were one day just meagre start-ups with only their ideas accompanying and supporting them.  Today upcoming entrepreneurs need a stage where they can get the platform to be the next big thing in today’s market, to build the next Apple or Amazon the ones which India’s economy truly needs.

Here we have listed a few top Business plan competitions in India.


This is a groundbreaking initiative by a community of people whose primary target is to provide the bedrock on which the ideas of the start-ups reach the next level. They primarily engage investors for the brilliant ides of entrepreneurs which provide the perfect platform for them to showcase their ideas to potential suitors.

Aims of this community:

  • Engage the community about the budding Indian start-up culture
  • Enabling investors for different sectors
  • Provide support for Indian start-up entrepreneurs

They are presenting the opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their innovative tech ideas to a panel of investors and the winner would get the opportunity to build his dream company. There would be cash prizes and other gift packs for all the brilliant entrepreneurs present. So this one is a must one to register and attend.

Investment partners for this competition include brands like:

  • Indian Angel Network
  • Venture Catalysts

Community partners include:

  • Oddup
  • ZoomStart

This one is a bit different and the one to watch and truly innovating one, this is actually a green initiative, if any of the entrepreneurs have a green business idea this is the one to enrol for.

Agriculture, forestry, aquaculture, you name it clean air they will provide you with the funds for your idea if it’s innovating and ground-breaking enough. This competition will initiate your green thinking like never before like how your idea will impact the climate, the planet, it’s wonderful and innovative and very much positive with no negative returns for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. Its mission is to unlock the cleantech potential to better lives and reduce emissions. The best part of this is that they provide you with a free two-day boot camp where professionals guide you to start your very own business.

Its investment support partner is:

  • EIT, a body of the European union

Some of its success stories include:

  • Rens
  • UFraction8
  • Iron Roots
  • ClimateLaunchPad India
  • Agrovisio
  1. Atal New India Challenge

Atal New India Challenge is the brainchild of the Atal New Innovation Mission which aims at innovating creators to find affordable solutions to boost the national economy by providing them grants for their noble cause. This competition encourages entrepreneurs to create products from existing technologies to be readily available to common folks justifying a national cause; it also encourages the development of new deep-tech products and commercializing them on the context of the Indian economy. The program offers the opportunity to explore unique and incentivized solutions which will encourage students, researchers or any individual/group of individuals to ideate and design novel solutions.

Boasting an all government investors fund its truly the next pedestal for any start-up to reach the next level, these include:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare
  • Ministry of Railways
  • Ministry of Road Transport and Highways
  • Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs

Some of the focus areas wanted by this organization are listed as follows:

  • Climate-Smart Agriculture
  • Fog vision system for road and rail
  • Predictive maintenance of Rolling Stock
  • Alternate fuel-based transportation
  • Smart Mobility
  • Instant Portable Water Quality Testing
  • Data analysis for water governance
  • Greywater management
  • Decentralized Composting
  • Quality of compost  


This competition conducted by the entrepreneurship cell of one of the most premier institutes of the country BITS Pilani which boats one of the most active Entrepreneurship development cell in the country to encourage students to engage in the start-up culture, to develop new ideas and innovations and do something of your own while going through the process of achieving your degree, to truly encourage this culture which is very much rare in this Indian economy. BITS Pilani holds its annual start-up fest, Conquest, which encourages students to bring about their ideas and showcase them in front of a panel of some well-known investors who are willing to pay up to 40 million rupees to kickstart your start-up if your idea is brilliant enough to strike.

Some of the Investors backing conquests are:

  • Blume Ventures
  • Lightspeed Ventures
  • Trifecta Capital
  • Accel Partners
  • Uber Technologies
  • Oracle Stratup Cloud
  • Future Group FZ LLC

The Top 10 start-ups move to Bangalore for a 10-day accelerator program where they are provided free accommodation and co-working space.

The Top 50 start-ups get mentored one on one by stalwarts from the entrepreneurial world from different verticals like Customer Acquisition, Product Management, Fundraising, UI/UX, Sales, and Marketing.

Transcending the boundaries of geography and time, the Top 15 start-ups then get an opportunity to receive online mentoring over a 6 week period.

These points alone provide the perfect reason to participate with your ideas and blow some minds away.

These are the selected few which I have chosen for the opportunities all the young budding entrepreneurs should look out for this year; hopefully, this will guide some of the most brilliant minds out there looking for the perfect opportunity to prove themselves to the world and to take the next step into realizing their dreams.

5. Eureka!

Eureka is organized by IIT Bombay students. It is focused on Students and Working Professionals where they can participate and pitch their ideas.

Eureka is open for CleanTech, Core Sciences, Telecommunication, Biotechnology, Web Portals, Electronics, Manufacturing, Service, Entertainment, IT-Software, Retail, Power, Banking/Finance, Hospitality, HRD, Consultancy, Food Processing, and Tourism.


Uddyam is organized by S P Jain College. In Uddyam students from any institute working in teams can participate. Commercializing TePP (Technopreneur Promotion Programme) Innovations.

7. Ventura

Ventura is conducted by Entrepreneurship Cell of NIT Trichy. Ventura is open to all Students / Working Professionals/ Entrepreneurs.

These are the categories which they are open for in Ventura: Rural Entrepreneurship, Women Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Core Science, Telecommunication, Education, Electronics, Manufacturing, Nano Technology, IT-Software, Entertainment, Agriculture, Energy, Health, Biomedical, Web Portals, Consultancy and Food Processing.

8. IIIT Allahabad B-Plan Competition

It’s the headliner event of IIIC where students and nascent startups across the country get a chance to showcase their business plans before the industry experts. Best ideas win cash prizes and an opportunity to avail the incubation facilities available with IIIC. To help students and start-ups from IIITA, IIIC will be organising a business plan writing workshop within the premises of IIITA, where students get to know what, why and hows of ‘Business Plan Writing’.

9. Empresario

Empresario is the annual business model competition organized by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur in association with International Business Model Competition (IBMC).

Entrepreneurship Cell is searching for innovative and enterprising ideas through Empresario. Empresario’20 provides a platform for students to get excellent professional mentorship from our experienced, varied and distinguished mentor pool, and to showcase their ideas in front of Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and Industry Leaders.


  • Top Business plan competitions in India to participate for Start-ups

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