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Effect of video games on children’s


Mr. Kamlesh Kumar Yadav

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Information Technology

Kalinga University, Naya Raipur (C.G.) –INDIA


Video games are an easy option of entertainment, which appeals not only to children but also to teenagers and adults. This is the reason why video games have become the first choice of most of the children in this time of modern and digital era. In such a situation, some parents are worried that their child neither studies properly nor pays attention to eating and drinking in the process of playing video games. Keeping this in mind, this article is to explain the positive and negative effects of video games on children. So that we can decide how much playing video games is right for children.

Video games can have both positive and negative effects on children. Now whether the effect of video games on children will be positive or negative can completely depend on the content of the video game and the time the child plays it. For example, playing video games that are based on educational facts will have a positive effect on children’s academic performance. At the same time, violent video games based on fighting will associate with anxious behavior in children.

So, it is clear that it depends on the choice of the game whether it will have a good or bad effect on the children. At the same time, the good and bad effects of playing video games depend on the time given daily to play any game. So if parents want that video games should not have a bad effect on their children, then the children should be given only good video games to play and also fix a fixed time to play them.

Positive effects of Video Games

If the child chooses a good quality educational video game, then playing video games can have positive effects on him. There are many effects some of these effects are as follows:

1.      Promote Creativity

2.      Increase problem solving skills

3.      Increase concentration

4.      Improve brain function

5.      Improve the quality of vision / Sharpen the eyes

6.      Increase eye-hand coordination

A psychological research suggests that the habit of playing video games in children can make them creative. There are certain studies that compared children watching television and children playing driving video games (such as car racing). This study found that children who played video games such as driving were more creative than children who watched television. Playing video games can also increase problem-solving skills in children. In fact, all the central senses of the brain are stimulated while playing video games. Especially when the child is playing puzzles games with different difficulty levels motivates the mind to pass the game by running fast. This can inculcate problem solving skills in the toughest of situations.

If the child plays a target-based game, that is, a game in which he has to complete certain steps to win. So, in such a situation, concentration can be seen in the children. At the same time, such games can also help in maintaining mental balance.

Playing action video games can not only be fun for a child, but it can also improve their hearing and visual skills. A research suggests that playing action video games can increase cognitive behavior. Also, there are experiences like visuospatial (seeing and understanding things closely) while playing the game. This experience can promote children’s ability to see things closely and understand them.

On the other hand, it can be effective in promoting this synergy to some extent where how quickly a person can see things with the eyes and perform processes with his hands.  This has been clearly accepted in a research related to video games. Research has found that even playing video games for just 10 minutes a day can increase eye-hand coordination. However, how and how much effect it will have on the child’s mind may depend on the type of video game.

Negative effects of Video Games

There are many types of video games, due to which children easily get attracted to play them. Therefore, if the type of video game and the duration of the child’s play is not taken care of, its negative effects can also be seen. These negative effects in detail below:

1.      Aggressive behavior

2.      Showing wrong values or things

3.      Poor Social Development

4.      Physical and Mental Health Problems

5.      Problems related to academic performance

6.      Overstimulating the brain

Generally, what children see, they can also mold in their own behavior. Therefore, parents should not allow young children and adolescents to play violent video games. This is because playing violent video games can increase the risk of aggressive behavior in children

Video game content can be of various types. Their purpose is often for entertainment. Because of this, wrong facts can also be shown in it. In this sense, if risky behavior is shown in video games, such as smoking, driving with carelessness, then keep the child away from such games. The reason is that due to playing games with such negative effects, children can be encouraged to include these habits in themselves, which can also be a reason for making their behavior aggressive. Playing video games for a long time can affect a child’s social development. In fact, playing video games can result in a child spending more time alone. Because of this his social behavior can be affected.

While playing video games, sitting at one place for a long time can affect the physical activities of the child to a great extent. Due to this, his sleeping and eating time can also be affected. Its direct effect can be seen on the health of the child. Symptoms of irritability and depression can also be seen in the child. And children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) often lack self-control. For this reason, such children may be at a higher risk of becoming addicted to playing video games and because of this, the child’s mind may be less engaged in studies. Due to this, poor performance of the child can be seen in studies. Playing video games has an effect on the function and structure of the brain, which can increase the ability to perform mental tasks.

However, when games are played mindfully and in moderation, they can act as a stress reliever, a boost to mental health, and a tool for social skill development. Video games are a relatively new kind of entertainment in themselves. Compared to traditional board games and other types of entertainment, they are more immersive and engaging. The player actively adds to the level of satisfaction they derive from this medium, which increases their level of enthusiasm and willingness to participate in the video game’s features. Another crucial element in determining the impact of gaming is the duration of play. While excessive play might have detrimental effects, moderate gaming can be enjoyable, healthful, and informative.

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