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Abhishek Sahu, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kalinga
University, Naya Raipur,492001
Over the centuries, engineers have served humanity beyond their
limits. The necessity of human needs has led to the birth of various
engineering fields. Engineers have discovered a machine that shortens
the length of space and time. Curiosity to reveal secrets of nature
has led to space and science technology. High-technology telescopes
have been manufactured that have been rapidly revealing the secrets
of the universe. Recent success in space missions from various
countries is another demonstration of the potential of engineers.
Though with all this success, in the recent past, student interest in
the engineering field has continuously declined. The sample size of
quality engineers is frequently decreased. This situation arises
because of the trend of granted engineering employment, producing more
engineers than required. However, thinking out of the blue and
exploring the future of engineering might be the answer to the
turncoats. In the present age of futuristic engineers, various
technologies have been merging to fulfil the futuristic demand. That
leads us to open the doors of automation technology, machine learning,
three-dimensional printing, artificial engineering, machine learning,
and many other branches of engineering. The few highlights of
groundbreaking research include (1) Newly fabricated material can
withstand its integrity at higher temperatures many times than
conventional material, (2) Automation technology that has been
developed, which is more efficient than human beings, (3) Threedimensional printing has developed that is capable of producing an
intricate miniature component to complex colossal structure, (4) The
Internet of thing have developed that can simulate the human working
behaviours (5) Augmented reality can mimic the real world model (6)
Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it possible to
produce robots that behave like human beings (6) Lastly, a very
important technology under energy engineering is developed that have
the potential of producing safe and clean energy using the renewable
source with advance technology. This indicates the magic of technology
is yet to be harnessed to its full potential; be ready to experience
the technology beyond the imagination and divulge the nature of the

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