Geotextile materials is the new trending material in the construction field. Various varities of geotextile materials are available in the nature and some are artificially geosynthesized. Mostly we are using this geotextiles in highway project for the modern pavement construction. This material is going very popular in the field of transportation all over the world.  Geotextiles materials are the ideal materials for the infrastructural works as well as roads, harbours etc.

In the human history geotextile were the first textile products. Uses of grasses and mats are found in the excavation of Egyptian road. In the history of Egypt geotextiles are used in the pharos for the better stability of roads in the edges. Previously only the natural textiles materials are used which are made up of different vegetations or natural fabrics and then mixed with the soil for the better improvement of the quality of road usually this techniques are used for the road having the loose soils are present.  In the current scenario the geotextiles are used for the construction of modern roads, it is used for the majorly developed products with the numbers of standards. To produce the best textile appropriate machinery is needed.

From the last 30-35 years geotextiles are very famous for the pavement construction. The basic fuction of this textile is to separate the sub-base from the sub-grade to the better strength in the pavement construction. The function of the geotextile is to provide the appropriate density of fibers between the two layers. In the aspect of versatility and economically the geotextiles materials are already proven that it is the best between all the ground modification materials. In a very short time period this materials are already expanded in the various fields such as civil, geotechnical, environmental, hydraulic and coastal engineering. According to ASTM (1994) geotextile materials are act as a permeable textile material which are used in the contact of soil, rock, earth or any geotechnical material. Some of the necessary requirements are fulfilled by the geotextile materials such as exchange between soil and air, without exchange the roots of the plants are not grown properly. It is also allowable the rain water into the soil and the excess amount of water will be drain out without any erosion effect of the soil. To having all these properties in the geotextile materials it is in the superior list of textile fibres.  Various artificial and natural geotextile materials are used such as nylon, polypropylene, polyester and ramie, jute,etc. respectively.

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