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Globalization and Management are synonymous
Rajesh Ranjan
Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Kalinga University, Raipur

Management, a process and Globalization, an effect are synonymous. The purpose each fulfils makes them
complement each other. Globalization brings the world together, helps organize the economies of scale and add to the
nations and its people come closer for social, economic and financial exchanges and activities. The objective of the
management is same in an organization. Management brings people closer irrespective of culture, caste, tradition, race
and religion to work as a subsystem contributing together for the organization. Globalization along with liberalization
and Privatization, LPG is a subsystem that without planning, organizing, coordinating, directing and controlling of
human ideas, emotions, culture, talent and expertise cannot create a global world, the system that we live in and
cherish today. It is none other than the people that binds people together and align them culturally, financially and
socially, at the global level. Globalization without management of people was a lonely planet, a sky less earth. We
cannot even imagine to live and respire together without the management of sun and the moon, the day and the night,
the seasons and the earth’s rotation. Globalization is an effect of what Aristotle wrote years back. It is a tendency
towards growth by internationalizing and achieve results in international trade, businesses, events, cultural bonding,
connections and outsourcing. Management is a tendency towards achieving same goals for growth and development of
the units that lead to globalization. The state of achievement of totality of togetherness with the free and speedy flow
of culture, trade, products, services, money, finances and resources across the boundaries that brings the nation closer
and together was never possible without the prosperity of the Management functions in our day to day lives.
Management achieves togetherness at work, delete cultural differences and cultivate healthy trading of work culture
towards expansion, efficiency and profitability of individual and the organization that globalization achieves.
Globalization is a sense of expansion. Management are its senses. Both sharing in common, the purpose, the objective
and the utility, achieving the global happiness, growth of mankind and contributing to humanity, sometimes with
exceptions, beyond our control.
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