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How to say no to others    

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Dr. Preeti Pandey

Faculty of Chemistry


Work has been more challenging ever since businesses began collaborating and working cross-functionally more, swapping top-down management for squiggly reporting with hazy accountability. Most of us respond to inquiries all day long. There are informal and formal requests, both big and little. They come from “internal customers” throughout the organisational ladder in addition to direct superiors and co-worker’s. The needs of outside stakeholders, as well as those of one’s family, friends and acquaintances—and occasionally even complete strangers—should be considered. The demands never stop arriving, via phone, email, instant message, zoom screens, and various tables. Even when they are overworked, overbooked, or simply too engaged to take on anything further, many people find it difficult to say no. If this is a dilemma for you, you are not by yourself. But it’s crucial to understand how to decline pleas from others. Being unable to might increase tension, which could then develop into resentment. Nevertheless, you could acquire how to refuse requests without offending others or damaging your relationships. The ideas in this post will help you establish boundaries, safeguard your private time, and refuse more requests. At work, saying no is occasionally required, but it might come with additional pressures. Rejecting projects could cause you to worry that you won’t be considered for promotions or pay increases. Additionally, you could be concerned that refusing requests from co-workers will damage your rapport with them. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that taking on too much makes it challenging to perform successfully. Overworking yourself prevents you from giving your best effort. Your output and job quality may suffer as a result. The influx is overwhelming. And how you handle it now more than ever will determine both your career and personal success. Saying yes to everyone while also doing everything well is impossible. You squander time, energy, and currency taking on too many or the terrible ones, and you divert your attention away from what’s actually important. Nobody wants to offend or disappoint co-worker’s or other connections, let alone pass up crucial career and life possibilities. As a result, you must understand when and how to say both yes and no. You are shielded by a considered no. With the appropriate “yes,” you may help others, change the world, work well with others, and gain more power. You want to establish a track record for declaring no at the appropriate times and for the appropriate reasons, and for making each and every yes truly matter. What process do you use? Through decades of investigation into what makes some people the most highly regarded, indispensable employees at hundreds of companies, I have developed a framework that I believe to be powerful. It consists of three steps: evaluating the task, giving a solid no, and providing a yes that positions you for success.

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