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How to Show passion for work in job interview


If you want to succeed in any job interview, then keep in mind that during the conversation itself, you have to prove how much passion you have for your work. Know how this passion can be shown.


1) It would be better to start with ‘Why’

Instead of telling what and how much work you have done before, tell what your ambitions are. Why did you choose this job? You can also tell what effect your work has had. Sahil, a young coder was passionate about building software applications. His dedication to coding was what kept his passion going.


2) Tell them, how to invest time


Very few candidates are able to tell the interviewer, when and how they had to think above and beyond for their work or how many times they worked beyond their ability, breaking the comfort zone. Sahil, often hide under the computer lab tables at night so he could learn coding comfortably after the labs closed.


3) Tell them, What do you do in your spare time?


When you are passionate about something, then gradually this passion of yours starts appearing in other areas of life as well. During his job interview, sahil shows some of the videos he has made on robots in his spare time. She also showcased some projects that showed sahil’s deep interest and dedication to his work and subject.





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