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Impact of cinema on students


It would not be wrong to say that we have grown a lot and the best way to analyze our growth is through cinema. You can watch 90s movie and then watch latest released movies the difference will be in front of you.

Students learn things quickly and whenever a character is popular; its dialogues and names automatically become popular among the students. Some movies are about imagination and a writer writes a story and a director puts the story in the form of a film among the society. Sometimes they also make movies on science fiction and this helps the students to enhance their imagination and create something new. I can say that students are heavily influenced by these movies, they imbibe all good and bad habits from cinema.

Impact of cinema on common people

They show different types of social issues in one film and it directly affects the people. It helps them to think and do something. One of the very good example is our police, in history police had very bad image in past of taking bribe or behaving like don. But thanks to movies this image has changed and now people know that every police officer is not the same. Because of a few people, the whole system had gone haywire.


It shows that movies play a very important role in our life. People are easily influenced by it and manipulated with movies. This is the reason why some films get banned and some of them are strongly opposed. Overall, I can say that they are good and one should really learn from them.


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