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Keys of healthy life

 Sarvaree Bano

Chemistry Department, Kalinga University, Naya Raipur


Money is necessary for all of life’s necessities. People cannot fulfil their requirements without money. Since everything these days is expensive, people need more money to cover their expenses and to complete their needs. People devote more time to their professions in order to make more money, which leaves less time for living healthy lifestyles.

Presently people’s lifestyles are changing. Everyone is vying for better, more opulent lives, yet maintaining these lifestyles is expensive. There is a lot of strain on the job at work. Because of the strain, the workplace is becoming poisonous, and a bad attitude is having an impact. The working environment is therefore unfit for employees to remain employed.

Medical professionals believe that leading a balanced life with healthy eating habits, enough rest, and frequent exercise will help maintain good health and combat the sedentary lifestyle that is so common in contemporary society. But according to the current scenario for healthy lifestyle not only use nutrition food but follow the time management rule. In our busy schedule spare some time for yourself and apply the positivity in daily life.

“Focus on your own effort so that you can think positively for a healthy existence. Although you have no control over everything in your life, you do have control over what goes into your body.”   



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