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Article: Low cost waste insulated construction material

Construction is the second largest work after the Agriculture. It is a state of villages which exist agricultural farming of different types of Eating foods, essential seeds, trees, plants etc. the construction is growing very quickly in India or all over the word with many materials which is used in construction. But the property of that materials should be in favor of human being. People feel the comfort with these types of material or made-up of houses by these types of material. The construction materials have many properties like strength, durability, water absorption etc. and there are one more important property are exist that is thermal conductivity property or insulating property. These types of property is comes from the green material or insulating material like: Wood, clay, glass, bamboo fiber, wool, clay tiles, eggshell etc. we can used these insulating material with the partially replacement of material which is used in construction with the insulating materials. That types of material prevent the thermal conductivity of heat flowing through wall and roof. The results will house will be cool in summer days and warm in the winter days. But the insulating material is used in a nominal ration as per mix design code which is used in the civil engineering. It may be reason for failure of structure, it may be decreased structure strength and disturbed the property of materials. These insulating materials is occurring from agriculture, industries and from domestic. Generally we are using as a green insulating material which is locally available and waste for society. For the utilization purpose and reuses purpose we are using these types of insulating materials. This types of construction is helping us to create a eco-friendly environment and it is very helpful for our society. If material will be low cost it will be fruitful for our nation and development.




Mohammad Irshad Ansari

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil Engg.

Mob – 9907677510

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