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Natural User Interface (NUI)


Pooja. P Raj

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Science

Kalinga University, Raipur


A technology where humans interact with computers through their intuitive actions which are natural like day-to-day human behavior. It works in different dimensionality according to the user’s needs. Some examples of Natural User Interface (NUI) are touch screens, gesture recognition, speech recognition, and Brain-machine interface.

The touch Screen is an intermediate between human and machine, themachine can be a laptop, tablet, phone, etc. It has controls with the help of a cursor-based interface for direct actions. Even the use of a touchscreen is used by Microsoft company as skin put.

Kinect a technology that works on motion sensors developed for gaming platforms mainly works on the concept of gesture recognition. This technology mainly tracks users’ motions and translates those movementsinto instructions, for this purpose NUI is compact with a camera and software in a device for identifying the gesture and translations to the instructions.

Gaze tracking is a technology to track the system using eye movement. This technology was embedded in many eye-controlling laptops where an area was calculated that is recorded by the user’s eye and used that information for input.

Another amazing technology of NUI is speech recognition where spoken words and phrases are used and converted to a machine-readable format for interaction.

Brain-machine interfaces(BMI) reads the neural signals and signals are translated to the program, and these programs are translated to actions. This technology mainly helped the handicapped to operate a motorized wheelchair, and even people who are paralyzed operate a computer.

In the upcoming future, NUI plays a major role in the development and enhancement ofthe information technology world.


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