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“Say No to Drug- Save Youth -Built the Nation”


Saying that the youth or the younger generation is the future of the nation is not enough; this is something that must actually happen, and it can only happen if the kids are given the necessary resources and support. The government and society are quite optimistic about the potential of the Indian youth because they have the best potential to advance the development and growth of the nation. However, both the government and society should examine whether or not the youth are properly developed and whether they are receiving enough opportunities and facilities from their respective sides. According to surveys and demographic data, more than 50% of those under 25 in India are considered to be young people. Given their significant involvement in the country’s development process, it is imperative that the government priorities the development of young people first. It is ironic that not just one, but both sections of the young generations are currently dealing with a variety of issues that impede their own development, advancement, and improvement.

Some of the various issues that Indian youngsters currently face, such as drug addiction, Drug addiction is a chronic, recurrent disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use behaviors that persist despite grave side effects.

“Over the past eight years, drug usage in India has increased by 70%, and there are around 100 million drug addicts in the country. One of the more conservative estimates from the UN is that 13% of drug abuse victims in India are under the age of 20.”

Communities and families around the world are suffering as a result of addiction’s ubiquitous effects, which are especially severe during adolescence and the early years of adulthood. Drug addiction causes people to become physically and psychologically reliant on illicit substances such alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and PCP that alter their perspectives. Adolescents are most affected by substance misuse in terms of their psychological health since they are more likely to acquire a substance use disorder, which can include mood disorders, sadness, anxiety, and thought disorders like antisocial personality traits. Teenagers who are dependent on these are more likely to commit violent crimes. These intoxicants frequently increase anger, which can result in the conduct of violent crimes including rapes, murders, and other horrible offences.

The drug epidemic is slowly but surely having an impact on our younger generation, but they won’t be left out.  The youth are the nation’s greatest resource, and the government cannot afford to see them turn to drug misuse. The population aged 15 to 24 accounts for about one fifth of the total and is India’s future. The young people of our nation will ultimately determine its moral, political, and social perspectives. Being the leader of a nation with the size of India’s people is not simple. And utilizing drugs doesn’t really lighten the load. The youth of our nation have a great responsibility. And as they warily cling to India’s assurance, the drug issue flares up nearby. The success of India’s future could be hampered by illegal drugs. Addiction to drugs can be properly treated and managed.

The good news is that drug usage and addiction are preventable. Teachers, parents, and healthcare professionals all play crucial roles towards elevating by spreading information, education, and consciousness. The youth can assist in improving the lives of the underprivileged youth by contributing for the numerous activities and initiatives.

“The country can only prosper in an equilibrium, and this balance can only be attained when the issues affecting youth are better and more effectively addressed.”

“Drug abuse is a preventable behavior; drug addiction is a treatable disease.”



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