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Stuck like a bird’s grain between two legs: Hindutva-Discussion. A non-ending thinking process of Acharya Vidya Niwas Mishra


Dr. Abhishek Kumar Pandey

Assistant Professor

Department of Botany, Kalinga University, New Raipur

 There are many people like me and, who find themselves stuck like a bird’s grain between two legs regarding Hindutva discussion and no carpenter is going to listen to the call of the bird to remove my grain! Separate the legs again! I understand the pain of the grains trapped while living in the literature and the pain of the majority of the Indian people pleading for the grains and therefore taking the risk of falling into the fringes of loneliness, I write, I cannot give food to the bird, but at least drinking water I can give A party, which is avoiding the word Hindu itself!

The other side wants to make Hindus the same victims of religious prejudice, split mind >> us and them!

The other party is unable to see the continuity and integrity of Hinduism. This mind which is limited to cow, Ganga, Tulsi, and Peepal accepts some sentences of Upanishad

 But the overall expansion of Vedic-Vangmaya and Puran has no importance for him, he did not know, did not understand the interpretations that are added continuously!

 It is a deep matter to understand who gave him the inspiration to sing the glory of the Hindu religion hanging on the peg of the past, from where did he get it? Who called the present inferior? Who confined Paramhansa Ramakrishna to Ramakrishna Math, Considered Yogi Arvind to be centered in Arvindashram! Raman Maharshi was confined to a small hill. He doesn’t want to understand the expansion outside him!  He didn’t even know Tilak, Malviya, and Mahatma Gandhi, who have the continuity of Sanatan! In front of politics, he considered religion as small, which reflected politics itself! He is afraid of the ideological freedom of Hinduism. He grumbles liberally. In the name of collective discipline, he ignores the sense of generosity inherent in the word Hindu. Hindus are not narrow-minded, but because of fear, he imposes religious bigotry on themselves.

Why was the word Hindu banned? There should be an explanation for this.

The renaissance that took place at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century was a Hindu awakening. At that time the word Hindu was not a taboo word in literature and talking about the country was not fascism! Why is this word banned? It should be discussed! Is it prohibited because Hindus want the welfare of all? Was it forbidden because Hindus see the possibility of indestructibility in all living beings [conscious and semi-conscious]?

The matter of Sanatan philosophy which was reflected in Tilak Malviya and Gandhi, how did it fall short in front of politics? How did the sense of generosity inherent in the word Hindu become narrow? Why was there panic over the ideological freedom of Hindus?




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