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Student’s Behavior in the Classroom Environment

Riya Goel

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce & Management,

Kalinga University, Raipur (C.G.)


Monitoring student behavior to prevent violence is the key to creating a safe school environment. But simply monitoring students while they are on-premises is not enough to encourage off-campus adherence to community values. Characteristics like loyalty, honesty, integrity, and respect for others serve as someone’s cornerstone and promote a sense of citizenship. Students should learn these ethical and moral principles early in their academic careers and should be informed of them whenever feasible.

The Indian education system has seen significant transformation, with a strong emphasis on enhancing students’ academic performance, establishing education systems, providing coaching, and offering other resources for students. Beyond the pressures of the classroom, a variety of outside factors can affect how youngsters operate. Such as peer pressure, exposure to audio-visual media, high parental expectations, bullying, physical abuse, low self-esteem, and upsetting other people.

A positive classroom environment is one in which students are comfortable asking questions, taking risks, speaking their opinions, and overcoming difficulties. Teachers may promote this kind of environment by getting to know their students well, defining clear goals for the classroom, developing opportunities for social skill development, and offering relevant curricula.

Here are some pointers on how to resolve difficult-to-manage execute from students and resume instructing;

  • Since behavior is a kind of communication, take into account any potential causes of disruptive behavior.
  • Teachers who specialize in working with pupils who have behavioral problems can be found in most institutions. Find these people and ask them in exchange advice if you’re facing excessive student conduct.
  • Your priority should be safety when extreme actions occur. Threats or injuries should never be tolerated by educators. It is necessary to involve the administration if students fail to respond to your attempts at fixing their conduct.





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