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Testing ChatGPT: If It is Really Capable to

Replace the Programmers

Omprakash Dewangan

Assistant Professor, Department of CS & IT

Kalinga University, Raipur



An AI program called ChatGPT has been creating a lot of buzzes lately. ChatGPT, a cutting-edge language model, created by OpenAI, replicates human interaction by providing acceptable responses after being taught with enormous quantities of data [1].


Figure1: ChatGPT []


It has attracted a lot of interest because it can fluently respond to a variety of questions and outperforms all other AI chatbots in terms of security and utility [1] . The best thing about ChatGPT is, it can fix program bugs, can give coding suggestions, and even write bug-free code lines. That’s why concern has been raised that ChatGPT and other AI models may end up replacing human programmers and developers in the near future [1] . So the focus of this research paper is to test the ability of ChatGPT in different categories like Arithmetic, coding, reasoning, and debugging categories and based on this test we will conclude whether It replaces programmer or not [1].





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