Dr Vineeta Diwan

Assistant Professor in English

Department of Arts and Humanities


Once upon a time there was a man living in a dense forest. With no company and only birds and animals to talk, mountains and river to watch and tress being the best companion he became an ascetic. Not that he had decided to become an ascetic but he had left his past long way back in those times when he also had a family and kids. A wife to care for his needs but then he felt drifted, drifted in his search for peace and he could no long continue with the worries of the world and the things that make life a ‘success’, basically in terms of money and material.  After acquiring everything his life, he gained a habit of running after something and pursing one or the other thing, without which he felt mad. He asked a question to himself, “What is it I am looking for? I have everything now, but still I feel a desire for more, desires are so unending an irritating, they are after me just like ghosts, not leaving me I peace….oh,  I want to drive them off…” Previously he possessed all these things which he strived to get and make himself complete and successful, and now he wanted to get rid of all these…what a contradiction…!! So he left, he left everything behind, putting a full stop to his chase and search, he stopped for a moment and thought, pondered over the long way he had travelled, just a moment to look behind and see what he got an how much he wasted himself and for what …for PEACE…and Peace was here , in the dense forest, among the greeneries and quietness, amidst the ruffling of the leaves and cool breeze, it was very much here… he felt he had reached back again to zero…..the point from where he started.



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