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The Digital Age is Destroying Us


As we all knew that after every morning the night is coming. But now, night came up with another world is rising up which is the digital world. After switching off the rooms light still the brightness ia available in our surrounding i.e the brightness of internet.

If we want the sage and long life future then it must be offline world, which is not harmful to anyone. It is different from digital world which is 24/7 available and always thinking about the generation of capital. Most of the people silently use the internet by knowing the bad effects of it.

For the majority of the people the internet is imposed on it, it is the implicable of addiction, lonliness, false hope, psychosis, the breakdown of mindset and  disintegration from the social life. All the benefits of the internet is now been discussed as the disadvantages and secondary it is highlighted by its dangerous as well as the depressed full  effect.

The internet is the scope to generate capital by 24/7 on a global scale. But mostly it is used by the showing off their ego, aggression, anger, false news etc. later the world is stepping towards the deterioration it is operated continuously without any pause, by destroy  the possibility of recovery or renewal, gasp on its heat and waste.

Most of the projects and industries of renewable energy are designed for the regular production of capital. Some of the scheme such as Green New Deal are the failure system who distract about the 24/7 capital production by using the non sense resource extraction of economy.

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