Dr Vineeta Diwan


A day started well is the day spent well. There are often instances in our life just at the beginning of the day that we presume to have spoilt the whole broil but such moments need to be handled carefully and it entirely depends upon our attitude to accept or reject things at our disposal.  Once a person was abusing Gautam Budhha very intensely and at that Buddha remained calm, others asked whether he was unaffected or affected to which he replied that the other man was surely abusing him, but he was not taking his abuses, he was giving something to Buddha, but Buddha was not accepting it, thus it went back to the giver.

The instance reflects the importance of attitude in our life towards things that come to us. He was right to point out on the impermanency of things in our life that just come and go. He also pointed towards the concreteness of the things that we say as existing in bodily forms on which we inflict abuses and hurl pain, but all the pains, abuses and appreciations are just a part of the body, its actions and deeds and are connected to it. As soon as the soul breaks the chain of the body, all the abuses, pains, sufferings and appreciations remain back and that goes is the eternal void. Thus things that are related to the body should not be taken as permanent but something that is short lived and temporary. Once the human mind develops the attitude of transcending above the botherations of the body, he is then and there liberated and does not feel the pains and suffering as they are all shot lived, Life is very simple but we make it complicated through our attitude. The right attitude says “Let Go’ 

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