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‘The value of adopting a cheerful outlook in life’


Mrs. Tuhina Choubey

Assistant Professor

Journalism and Mass Communication

Kalinga University



Having a good attitude involves more than simply always having a grin on your face. It involves keeping a positive outlook and attitude even while everything around you is in complete disarray. Positive and negative ideas are considered to have a similar effect on your mind as a healthy or unhealthy diet has on your physical health. Positive ideas will help you witness great improvements in the world around you.

When you begin to think positively, your mind gets free of any negative ideas, and you begin to perceive the world in a new way. You will no longer blame yourself or other people. You will have complete emotional control and make an effort to learn something from every setback you encounter.

Additional justifications for adopting an optimistic outlook include the following:

Happiness: It is well known that happiness and a good outlook go hand in hand. Happiness is a mental state that originates from inside and is not reliant on outside circumstances. Positive thinking will bring harmony and happiness into your life. Simply said, no matter what circumstances you are in, you may be happy right now if you have a positive mindset.

a stronger immune system: Those who have a positive outlook are vivacious, active, and healthy. Positive thinking has a beneficial impact on your health as well, reducing stress and enhancing your general welfare. Even when you are sick, your body heals more quickly.

More focused: By adopting a positive outlook, you can establish emotional equilibrium, which really aids the brain’s healthy operation. You develop the ability to maintain attention, which enables you to make wise choices in difficult circumstances.

Positive affirmations are a powerful tool for teaching your mind to think positively. Repeating them will help your mind build a positive attitude. You may combat negative ideas and cultivate optimism in yourself by reading motivational and inspiring quotations every day.

Any negative incident should be approached with optimism, and you should strive to draw a good conclusion from it.

Is your glass halfway full or halfway empty? Your response to this venerable question on positive thinking might reveal your view on life, how you feel about yourself, whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic, and even how your health is affected.

According to certain research, personality qualities like optimism and pessimism can have an impact on a variety of aspects of your health and wellbeing. Effective stress management relies heavily on the optimistic mindset that it typically entails. Additionally, good stress management has a number of positive effects on health. You may develop positive thinking abilities even if you have a tendency to be gloomy.

Keep in mind that your ideas influence your moods and behaviors. You should thus instantly replace any negative thoughts that enter your head with positive ones. Even if things are bad, having an optimistic outlook will help you get through the challenging period without too much difficulty.

No of the circumstances, make a commitment to being upbeat. Instead of worrying if things aren’t going your way, keep working towards your objectives with an optimistic outlook, and you’ll soon start to see wonderful results!



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