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Vitamin D- deficiency due to corona virus

We all know vitamin D is very important for our bone health, like without vitamin D , calcium cannot work. There are many sources of vitamin D like egg, mushrooms, oily fish, milk etc. but the main source is sunlight , and due to corona virus we are not able to expose ourselves in sunlight , and this is affecting our life.  It was found in such research that adults have less source of vitamin D deficiency than others like newly born babies and old people. But due to corona virus we all are facing this issue.  nowadays parents keep their children in the room and don’t let them come in contact with sunlight , especially newly born babies. This not only affects the chances of vitamin D deficiency but also their growth. Adults are also facing this issue because somewhere their nutrition is also not complete and they are not exposing themselves in sunlight. Nowadays, old people are facing issues like osteoporosis because old people can absorb only 5% of vitamin D from sunlight. So they need to take care of their nutrition and their body weight because there is a chance of fracture. There is a solution that we should ask our doctor and take correct supplements and we need to expose ourself in sunlight.


Significant of vitamin D deficiency:-

  • It can lead to loss of bone density which can come up with osteoporosis and fracture.
  • It can also cause rickets in children.



 Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency:-


  • Pain areas:- in muscles , fatigue or muscle weakness.


Treatment of vitamin D deficiency:-

  • Expose yourself more in sunlight
  • Take supplements with the advice of your doctor.




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Dr Sushma Dubey

HOD Biotechnology Department











































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