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Water Revolution by Jal Jivan Mission

Mr. Piyush Das

Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering

Kalinga University, Naya Raipur C.G.


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Keywords- Gray Water, Households, Non-Biotic, Aganwadi, Communities

Drinking water is a prime necessity of life. Water is one of the liquid which is responsible for the adaption of biotic and non-biotic organism. Water makes the earth survival for living in continent, Water Saves earth and we need to save water for the sake of earth. In Water cycle water will be cycling in nature to promote each habitats of living organism. In world most of the countries are struggling for the water. As per the study of NASA world war IV will be happens due to fresh water. In our Country Jal Jivan mission is very important scheme to raise the water level for drinking and utilization of water in different aspects.

Central Board of water department organized different programs to save the water for future generations. Each Drop of water is very precious and treasure for future generation for drink water. Jal Jivan mission is controlled by Ministry of Jal Shakti which is presides by union minister Mr. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat. Under water development different schemes are run by government and slogans are highlighted to aware the citizens of India to know the importance of water. One of the important missions that are Jal Jivan mission which aims to provide safe clean and adequate amount fit for drinking water to each households in village’s towns and cities to each house has tap connections till the year 2024 which is main target in all over India.

This mission has other goals like reuse recharge and restoration of water. Peoples are using water but they not aware of recycle of Gray water which is also taken care in this mission to promote in rural areas for save of water. Jal Jivan Mission focuses on the water harvesting with the cooperation of different communities approach to care water and aims to save water for upcoming era. Government will give several information to societies by the help of communication and education to citizens.

 Jal jivan Mission is given priority by the people like Jan Andolan who learns the vision and aims of mission sharing information to each one and teaches one about water quality uses in different services of daily life. Jal Jivan Mission spread the slogan Har Ghar Jal by the different committees who work as moderator. In India total households is 193877250 and we provide tap connections 111043706 (57%) till 25/1/23 which remarkable achievement in this mission.

Different guidelines documents and books are printed to aware the citizen like JJM reform documents, Drinking water quality and Surveillance framework, Jal Jivan Mission booklet and technical committees study the topography and water requirements in rural areas. The Jal jivan mission launched in UTs/State in progression of drinking water everyone should fulfill the required training and seminar to water saving activities in rural areas. In urban areas its compulsory by municipal corporation to design rain water harvesting in their house and recharge tank to save runoff for self-utilization of water. The centre and state has passed budget for the development of water supply infrastructure and water recharge design constructed in rural and urban areas to provide good water facilities in Gram Panchayat, Aganwadi, School, Bhawan, Health Centers as per the liters of demand per day. The state and UTs mission is to every rural area is effective in water supply systems by Functional tap connections till 2024 of quality and quantity of water in every day.

This types of mission is acts like revolution those who are facing water scarcity in their areas like Rajasthan, Delhi and metro cities. Public Health Engineering and water engineering department they start mobile lab for testing of water quality and quantity by checking water meter also give subsidies for purchasing of Motar pump of 5HP to 10HP for drawing water from ground water. Most of villages also faced problems of electricity they installed solar power by the help of CREDA to lift water in supply to pipes which flow through each villages to get water from tap connected. District Panchayat hire the human resources for construction water structure shed, plumbing, electrical work, Surveying, water management and treatment of water which has done by local person of rural areas who get employee as well as water distribution, catchment, treatment has done effectively.

The village’s pond, canal, small water intake structures are developed under the schemes of state in Chhattisgarh. Various schemes like NGGB, MNREGA and water bodies were taken care by villagers for improving water facilities. In CG JJM governs by Public Health of Engineering who set of targets as per district which monitored by block levels Engineers and committees of rural areas. As per the CG JJM survey the total numbers of households is 50, 08,064 from total we provide tap connections about 19, 23,226 (38.40%). These projects mainly for rural areas as per the survey there are 19,678 villages in CG.100% households Tap connections villages are-361 ,Work in progress-11062 Village gray Water management is Zero which is major problems but different volunteers institute are working for the adopting this gray water management system in rural areas. Efforts are making to keep ground water storage intact with providing water for drinking and disposal of water in right place without wastage of water by using sensors and Pilot for IoT based technology is used for monitoring of water and testing parameter in terms of quality.


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