A New Visual To Reality In Construction

Building Interface Modelling

BIM is similar to CAD (Computer Aided Design) but different due to its characteristic 3D designing, to digitally model what will be built. Increased demand of pre-fabrication, modularization and eco-friendliness is to name among a few comparisons.

Its capabilities are not restrained. “It doesn’t just create a visually appealing 3D model of building, it also creates numerous layers of metadata and renders them within a collaborative workflow”, Engineering.com adds. Its perception of capturing things is way more advanced than using paper. 

About 35% builders currently use BIM software. BIM provides an environment for better collaboration as each engineer with his/her expertise area can dedicate his/her time to same model instead of breaking of multiple versions of 2D drawings.

This model evolves immediately due to people’s contribution, streamlined processing and increased efficiency due to collaborations. BIM is a problem solver too as it helps in designing and planning stages of any project by automation of clash detection, and provides detailed and complete outlined picture of projects.

Virtual Reality (VR)

A conjunction with BIM helps better understand complicated projects. Virtual reality tech is a potential where after designing of the building, a walk around of the project can be a possibility. Think once… pretty awesome! Right?

A cutting-edge technology like VR can boom the complete grasp of projects before the beginning, as it will provide opportunity for avoiding expensive change orders mid-way through, and will give a realistic idea after the commencement of the project.

While VR provides stakeholders and project teams to step inside proposed schema before commencement of projects, this technology sets a new horizon as 2020 dawns.

Augmented Reality

“Although Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging trend in construction industry, it is also near to outdation, especially in comparison with Augmented Reality benefits”, Engineeringworld.com says it all.

With abilities to visualize real world through camera lens, AR is bound to create new opportunities in construction world, even after being a costly source.

Companies which are ready and able to afford, can start this as a revolutionary trend for project handling and building things.

It is possibly among the best emerging trends in civil engineering. In fact, a large bunch of people believe that instead of safety goggles, they’ll start plotting sites before we even break ground.

AR will play an emerging role in construction industry now.

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URL: https://blog.devicemagic.com/6-types-of-construction-technology-you-will-use-in-th

Kushagra Pandey

Assistant Professor

Civil Engineering Department                             

Kalinga University

Naya Raipur

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