A small introductory significance of Power System

Mr. Ravi Prakash Mahobia

Assistant Professor - Department of Electrical Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

Power system covers vast area not only in electrical subject but also in day to day life. Without electricity people cannot live comfort life. Power system includes generation, Transmission, Distribution and Utilisation of electrical energy, for all these stages we are using number of electrical components and equipments for different operations. Power electronic devices plays Vital role for the smooth running of power system. Earlier it was tough to convert frequency of system but now with the help of cycloconverters we can convert or change frequency easily. 

Not only frequency but many power system control activity can be done easily with the help of power electronic devices. Power electronic devices named on the fact that these are electronic devices which can work on high rating. Power electronic devices can convert AC to DC and DC to AC ,these applications are used in EHV AC-DC transmission, which are more efficient. Due to non linear loads or from source side, harmonics introduces in transmission system and causes voltage or current waveform distortion. These harmonics can also be eliminated with the help of power electronics filters. Therefore power electronics plays Vital role for the smooth running of power system.

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