Automation Power

Shailesh Singh Thakur

Assistant Professor - Department of Mechanical Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

Now a day’s technologies are improving order and continuously it is changing all the thinking power of human mind. In the past years (before 30-40 year) all the work had been done by the manually operated machines. But in these new generations we need fast work, quick response, complete analysis and accurate calculations work. Human beings created many types of automatic machine. All the industries like automobile, textile, many types of manufacturing industries, coal power plant, hydro power plant and machinery equipment industries are following automation because with the use of automation they can increase the efficiency of machine and decrease the time as well as the wastage of materials. The machine basically works with computer numerical control, numerical control and direct numerical control. Automation is the right way to complete the task in a required time and save the time and money. Actually we human being are using different types of gadgets in our daily routine like mobile phones, AC remote, TV remote, automatic vehicles, satellites and airplanes. Means automation has made human life very easy. And man is still engaged in making much new equipment, so that life becomes even easier.

Generally human has developed some types of invisible creative mind and they can change anything in very short time. In one hand automation is very useful for to complete every type of work but in other hand it may be causes for various type of problem.

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