Branded chai wala & Road side Chai wala

Kirti Sahu

Assistant Professor - Department of Civil Engineering Kalinga University, New Raipur

In india mostly the morning starts with a cup of ‘chai’ to start the fresh morning with full of energy. Varities of chai are made in every house such as diabetic chai (with no sugar), lemon chai (with no milk), healthy chai (with extra herbs), diet chai (green tea), special chai (with ilaichi and ginger) and many more varieties of chai are available in different houses, but the chai is compulsory.

Most of the working people they miss their chai at home they generally prefer the chai outside such as chai stall in front of office, at their bus stop etc.

Nowadays we prefer everything with the name of the brand only. The chai is also comes in the race of the brand there are so many branded chai shops are available in every locality and the other side the branded chai shops are available with proper seating arrangements, music  is there and with the beautiful interior. The chai time is the relaxing time as well as we wanted the partner with to talk with the “chai ki chuski”, but with the brand the waiter comes and serves the chai they just do their duty.

You miss your taste like home, the joy of “chai ki chuski” with talking partners is only full fill with the road side “chai wale bhaiya”, with chai ki chuski they interact with us  we interact with them slowly slowly we know the when, why, how they become the chai wala bhaiya. They always put extra efforts as well as extra masala and extra ginger and with all extra they can’t take any extra money from us. Always demanding chai the road side is “bhaiya jaldi kr dena wali chai”.

Always serves the best chai and fresh chai. They earn less money but win more heart. Let’s hold the hands together, help them to earn more like they win the hearts. They are on the road side because they don’t afford the other side, they are not earning for the luxary but for the survival. Let us help them for the good survival like they provide us the good survival for the whole day with a cup of chai.

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