Celebrity Endorsement: A powerful Tool

Dr. Khushboo Sahu

Associate Professor, Kalinga University, Raipur

Celebrity endorsement is a big source of revenue in the industry. Celebrities have the power to sell accessories and other products that are often not sold by any company but just by their celebrity endorsements. Rihanna has been one of those celebrities who used her fame as a brand ambassador for specific brands such as Louis Vuitton, Puma, Fendi etc .

Celebrity endorser is a person who endorse or supports product, service or idea. As the official website said “Marketers use celebrity endorsers in hopes that the positive image of celebrity endorser will be passed on to the products’ and brand’s images.” For example.. Coca Cola used Michael Jordan as its spokes model for decades. Some brands have something similar like Morgan Freeman being their spokesperson even if he does not drink this particular product any longer. In addition, some celebrities do not endorse is too big for your brand than you will extremely limit how much money you can get from them.

Celebrities are always on the lookout for publicity to promote their brand, whether it be an individual or a corporate one. Their endorsement helps them gain more fans and followers thus their branding can expand exponentially with this help of rising popularity in the market. Some celebrities have been spotted endorsing brands such as T-mobile and Diet Coke while others endorse PepsiCo’s products such as Doritos chips, Frito Lay snacks foods like Cheetos amongst others which has helped promoted its business

Celebrity spokesperson is a form of endorsement where an individual celebrity endorses and communicates the brand’s claims. Another term for this type of advertising is testimonial marketing which usually refers more to celebrities who sign up with specific brands, but cannot be said as endorsed by them because they are unpaid or not compensated in any way; however that doesn’t mean endorsing one’s self would qualify as truly unqualified advertisement either

Celebrity endorsement is an important marketing technique in the world of consumer products. It may be used for promotional purposes and help to increase sales volume or raise awareness about certain product categories by hiring well known celebrities with a large fan-base. The role of celebrity endorsers is often seen as that of being “ambassadors” for their sponsors, most notably sports stars and musicians are hired to endorse specific brands such as high end beauty products; electronic gadgets, clothing lines and foodstuffs

When you start marketing your product or brand, it is not sufficient to just reach out to all the bloggers and market on social media. Everyone’s attention is focused in one place these days; that is the internet/social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Therefore marketing strategy has been evolved accordingly where influencers are being used with a view of promoting brands and products.

 First of all an interested person must find what they need from a particular product whether its quality or price offering before. Celebrity branding generates celebrity influence, more than any other marketing strategy. This celebrity branding is also called celebrity endorsement as it involves the use of celebrities in product promotion efforts. The nature of a celebrity branding campaign makes people want to gravitate towards that particular brand and become loyal customers too!.  Understand the right celebrity can make or break your brand. If a celebrity Advertising relies on trustworthiness because consumers trust people they know and like.

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