Controlling Strain: A Life Transformation

Khushboo Gupta

Faculty of Pharmacy, Kalinga University, Naya Raipur

A sensation of emotional or body strain is referred to as stress. Any event or thought that makes you feel annoyed, furious, or apprehensive can trigger it. Every person has made a perception that things should go or happen according to their self and when things don’t happen that way it creates stress. Stress can have both negative and positive effects, it’s up to the individual on how much they are receiving and managing stress.

Stress management comprises a vast range of treatments and psychotherapies to lower a person’s stress levels, especially stress at a chronic level, to enhance daily functioning. Every person should develop a habit to understand their self-limitations which facilitates one in managing stress. We cannot stop ourselves from thinking or taking stress for the things that don’t happen according to our demand, but rather we can manage that stress.

We can control things by practicing natural habits like acupressure, meditation, yoga, and/or chanting Om Shanti mantras. All these habits provide relaxation to the body and ultimately to the brain, which needs positive energy to perform various tasks.

We should develop the habit of accepting the challenges the way they are rather than getting upset about things and complaining about the situations – Why did this happen to me? No, we should not say this. What we have to do is to accept the things – Yes, this happens with me and it is okay, but one further response should also be – Now how to solve the situation and make the best of it. Every person should understand that once things happen to you, you cannot change them rather, you can have many options to make it better.

Always think positive, create a positive environment in yourself so that only you can enjoy your life and its surroundings. Everybody knows life is full of struggles but by going through these struggles one does get stressed. You are taking that stress and struggle only for yourself.

By adopting natural & positive habits you will feel the transformation in your life and that transformation will give way to peace, happiness, and positivity in your life.

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