Covid-19: A Crisis With An Opportunity For Pharmaceutical Industries

COVID- 19 has taken the globe by storm. The continuing COVID- 19 pandemic has shown the Indian Pharmaceutical sector in smart light recently. The speedy unfolding and increase in range of COVID- 19 patients’ cases has taken the globe by surprise and made them look at alternate ways of living and operations, each personally and professionally. The drug company business has been functioning unrelentingly towards developing a vaccine. COVID- 19 has made each country notice the requirement for a sturdy and agile attention system that may adapt to the ever-changing things in an exceedingly time sensitive manner. The attention system must focus heavily on quality analysis and development, which is able to set the building blocks for a brand-new innovative attention system. Asian nation may be the largest supplier of generic medication and conjointly provides and ranks third worldwide for production by volume and thirteenth by price of medicine. Asian nation supplies around 60,000 generic brand medicines and is a home to 40,000 drug company corporations. However, once it involves innovations in the pharmaceutical sector, Asian nation still has a long-long journey to finish. Lack of innovation and development becomes another bottleneck once it involves earning price from the amount. Throughout this COVID- 19 eruption we got to see that effective medical help is extremely required for the society. We have to be farsighted while innovating our attention system. Honorable Prime Minister of India urges people to create the initiatives and bring forward India for superfluity of opportunities, for both the government and the Indian pharmaceutical companies. A key learning from COVID- 19 is the requirement for widespread awareness regarding diseases. Thus, folks all over became familiar with the symptoms, and conjointly the ways to safeguard themselves from falling prey to such virus. To an outsized extent, awareness and education have contended a key role in containing the virus from unfolding in Asian Nation. The drug company business thrives on patients and therefore, diseases and medical aid awareness and education ought to become a priority for the general attention scheme. India has been continuously engaged in huge research and development so that the vaccine can be synthesized for this virus. Education system also needs to be strengthened up so that scientific knowledge in bestowed. COVID- 19 gave an exceptional chance for North American Country to measure a healthy pace with multiplied specialization in hygiene and immunity. This has taught us a lesson to recollect for future. In times to come, these learning square measures can become innovation stones for drafting pointers to empower the global community.

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