COVID 19- Appalling Transgression Of Celebrities !!

It is quite embarrassing and heartbreaking to notice the appalling transgression of celebrities during these sensitive hours undergone by the global community when the outbreak of pandemic COVID 19 has smashed the world with its furious attack raising the death tolls in almost millions.

An irresponsible attitude and the recklessness of the celebrities in the key hours has been shocking. This unexpectedly reflects their selfish and self-absorbed tendency to keep aside the health and life concerns of thousands of fans and viewers that have actually made them the ‘CELEBRITY’. The forgetfulness towards those who gave priority to the celebrities by spending their hard earned money to watch their shows and music has reflected their carelessness lowering down their image and popularity graph.

This is not for the first time that this unfortunate incident happened as we have earlier records also when the celebrities took advantage of their popular image and have tried to escape law through loopholes, or by rising the hands of the authorities. However this time the whole Nation has to pay for it as it is an extremely sensitive hour when the COVID 19 infection has reached from Page 3 parties to the Parliament. 

At times the celebrities have kept capital and profit as prime importance and have endorsed the brands and products extremely harmful for the masses which include certain liquor brands, cigarettes, pan masalas, fast food labels, fairness creams and an uncountable range of cosmetics that give false hopes to millions. Liquor brands and cigarettes have been endorsed and advertised as status symbols, toughness, symbolic of true manhood resulting to bring huge profits to the sly companies that befool and put common people in trances by co relating products with such stereotypical imageries. There are anti smoking rules notified for common people in public areas, fines imposed for smoking at public places, but these appear farcical when NO ACTION is taken against companies and celebrities promoting such products. The Demi-God image of the celebrities is encashed and the results include increased levels of crime due to liquor consumption and serious health issues with deadly diseases like cancer, that has become a day to day affair these days.    

The present incident in the context of COVID 19 has ridiculed the iconic image of the celebrity regarding categorizing as ‘THE EDUCATED UNEDUCATED’ when every normal citizen is following the three vital steps SOCIAL DISTANCING, SELF QUARANTINE and ISOLATION to avoid the deadly disease.   It is heart rendering to see that those who are always a decisive part of media could not use it intelligently to safeguard themselves and others from the pandemic.

Dr. Vineeta Diwan

 Assistant Professor- English Department

 Kalinga University

Email : vineeta.diwan

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