Current scenario of change in Global Warming

Due to the advancement of world the environment has changed drastically. Climate change is a global threat to human as well as the world. The different parameters affecting climate change are temperature, acid rain, radiation, humidity and some other such as manufacturing activities. Sometimes automobile vehicles are also responsible because they affect environment daily. The major reasons are carbon emissions in atmosphere. Therefore more CO2 emission emitted in to the atmosphere by combustion of fossil fuels cause global warming. The green house gas emission is one of them.

Due to the carbon release, the atmosphere is being polluted and therefore many disasters happen. The temperature is increasing day by day. Due to sudden temperature rise, many changes occur like glaciers are melting due to which unexpected flash floods occur.  Weather changing increases soil and as well as sea temperature and alters precipitation amount and patterns. Effects are also severe on coasts and marine ecosystems. Generally feasible events like torrent, deficiency may also happen due to these impacts. As a result with increase in the global average sea level, hazard of coastal erosion increases. Climate change will be an added stress for the fisheries and aquaculture sectors.

The different gases play major roles in these impacts. The Combined reduction of black carbon emissions and probable success in slowing emissions of carbon dioxide, the reduction of non-carbon dioxide greenhouse gases may possibly lead to a decline in the rate of global warming, reducing the danger of impressive climate change. Such a focus on air pollution has practical benefits that unite the interests of developed and rising countries. On the other hand, evaluation of ongoing and future climate change requires masterpiece-specific long-term global monitoring of aerosol properties.

Shailesh Singh Thakur

Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kalinga University

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