Employee Retention

Employee Retention is a scenario where the employees working in an organization do not leave the organization and stick to it for a longer period or even their whole life. Employees sticking to an organization can be because of various reasons, it can be because the employees are in need of finances or the organization in which they are working are providing them with enough facilities are considerate towards them enough that it does not provide space for the employees to even think of witching the organization.

Reasons for attrition:

As the saying goes “Customer is our king” so the whole organization work towards making their customer satisfied which is one of the most important factor and people should definitely work towards it but in order to make their customer satisfy organization often forget that the people working in their organization (employees) are the backbone of the company and if they are not happy, satisfied or motivated then they are going to leave the organization as soon as they get a better opportunity.
The reason that a company has a higher attrition rate can have the following reasons:
• Not providing employee’s proper working environment.
• Not providing a regular increment.
• There is no promotion in their designation.
• Excessive workload
• No employee benefit programmes.
• No occasional holiday.

Why employee retention is needed?

As we all know that finding people to work for us is not an easy task because not anybody can do work for us, it has to be a right person who understands the need and importance of your company and dedicate himself towards it and if the organization is lucky enough to get such employee it is going to be very hard to replace that one and in this case, the hiring becomes very difficult.
Even if the replacement is being found then a lot of time of company is going to get invested in training and grooming the new one according to the norms and policies of working culture of the organization, making them learn what the main objectives are and what should be their priorities.
The employee who has been with the organization for a very long period is very well aware with the organization’ s culture and gets adjusted very well which will not be seen in the new one, at least during the initial period and in the period there are chances of having a low efficiency of the organization.

Role of Human Resource Department in Employee Retention

Human Resource department as the name itself says is the department where the employees look up to at the time of difficulty and it’s the responsibility of the person working in the department to listen to their difficulties like casual leaves, increment, promotion etc. carefully and take necessary action wherever required. As Human Resource is the department which is responsible for looking after the proper human functioning of the organization so it’s their responsibility to look after the difficulties faced by its employees and it cannot take decision by just listening to one side of the story, both employee and employer must have their say in the matter in that way the real and effective solution will come out.

Few measures to avoid attrition: 

  • Work given to the employees should be a productive one.
    • In some decisions, there must be a say of the employee who is working in the same project.
    • There should not be any discrimination or harassment based on any factor.
    • There should be proper occasional, casual and sick leaves provided to the employees.
    • There should be a proper increment & incentive structure for the employees.
    • The discipline rule should be for each and everyone irrespective of the designation of the employee

Shreya Shrivastava                Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce & Management, Kalinga University

Email Id: shreya.shrivastava@kalingauniversity.ac.in


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