Generalized Thermodynamics

Dr. Vinay Chandra Jha

Professor - Mechanical Engineering Department

Generalized Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is the science that deals with all fields of engineering. It is common to all and makes a proper analysis for the system and surroundings for effective performance. Generalized Thermodynamics teaches us how to be more efficient and very effectively used in real life. Relation between system and environment store work potential.


Generalized Thermodynamics is very successful in our daily life problems.  The problem of conversion of heat into mechanical work is the main concern. There are two approaches or views to take the concluding effect of thermodynamics. The classical approach is to study the system as a whole and the Statistical approach is to study the system on a molecular level. However, all these approaches assume the real fact. The laws of thermodynamics cannot be violated. The biggest proof of the law of thermodynamics is that it cannot be failed in real life. It is based on experimental results and observation. Thermodynamics laws can be summarized in their three main laws. Zeroth law gives the measurement of temperature. It states that if system A is in thermodynamic equilibrium with system B, and B is in thermodynamic equilibrium with system C, then A and C are also in thermodynamic equilibrium. The first law assures energy conservation. The second law is the law of quality and directional law. The whole refrigeration and air conditioning concept is based on the laws and principles of thermodynamics. There is also the third law of thermodynamics that entropy of any system is measured with some reference body. The entropy of a system having zero Kelvin temperature is zero. It is not a desirable parameter. It is the measurement of the magnitude of the irreverence of a system.

Generalized thermodynamics tells us how to increase the overall efficiency of the system. There is one assumption in the study of thermodynamics that the system and surroundings should be in thermodynamic equilibrium.

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