With dynamic changes in the working environment, everyday new concepts, theories or methods are discovered one of which is Green Human Resource Management. Green HRM may be defined as practices, policies and systems that result in a green behaviour in employees of companies which ultimately results in environment friendly, resource efficient and socially responsible workplace and overall organization.

Nowadays companies are growing fast towards sustainability strategies so as to face the challenges brought by the climate changes, which have become a great threat to the mankind.  With the help of senior management and seeing the need of the hour HR leaders are positioning the HR Functions.

In this era of technology, companies can become paperless and for HR this can well start with newcomers, like for documentation work such as offer letters, credentials, CVs or recommendation letters etc. one can use online folders and portals. Nowadays we even see this in practice that CVs are mostly sent through the internet so there is less use of print out and post. Generally, all the information is nowadays given over mail, WhatsApp etc. which is another initiative towards the Green HRM practice done by the management.

Still the question arises that how can any company implement this practice in middle of working or how the traditional practices can be substituted with the new working pattern? The initiative can be taken by the newcomers as at first when the induction program is conducted, they can be designed in such a way as to facilitate the new employee about the company’s culture of green consciousness. This will help in development to take place both inside the company and also outside with the stakeholders.  

How can this green HRM be made effective? Well! An organization can first make everyone aware of the current environmental problems which are happening worldwide through briefing, conducting sessions and newsletters from time to time; educating employees and making them practice methods that allow to reduce waste, save energy and resources such as switching off lights when not in use, less paper work usage and adopting methods of recycling. Ask for innovative ideas to reduce waste and save energy which will encourage the employees to find out new opportunities in their jobs and help them contribute towards their companies to become more sustainable. It will also focus the mind of employees towards protecting environment and make them wish to act consciously today and to help their company become more sustainable in the future.

It will not be wrong to say that the application of Green HRM practice will help an organization to reduce the cost and invest the resources for better environment. Organizations that have employees whose objective is to enhance environmental outcome have gained more customer satisfaction and resulted in increased performance. In order to achieve improved environmental performances, organizations should invest heavily in environment training of employees. Green HRM plays an important role and works as the backbone of any organization for fruitful impact on its operations and performance.



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