Guerilla Marketing

Shreya Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Management & Commerce

Guerilla marketing as the term itself is suggesting was established with an idea of portraying the image of attack which signifies the attack strategy i.e. using some unconventional ways of advertising and surprising people to gain their attention towards the brand or the product. The idea of surprising people came from the war which took place in Spain and Portugal, the revolution that happened in Cuba, and the Vietnamese war where the people of the smaller groups used this surprise attack strategy showing the sabotage by attacking the military force. The tactics of Guerilla got mia xed in marketing in the 1960s brought by US firms as a strategy of marketing with an idea of getting better results from their competitors, where they conducted the campaigns which showed a small bit of their competitor’s weakness.  The term “Guerilla Marketing” was made by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1983, with the idea of having a low-budget marketing strategy for the startups and the small business firms to run their companies successfully. The concept of Guerilla marketing was very different from traditional marketing which used media such as newspaper, television, radio, etc as a platform for the promotion of the product and that difference made Jay Conrad Levinson think can be the reason for the success of this marketing strategy. In the era of continuous development and the advancement in technology, Guerilla marketing has proofed its success in the market, being used mostly for promotion purposes. Over the years there have been various ways of doing Guerilla Marketing, and some of the popular ones are Buzz marketing, Ambush marketing, Viral marketing, Sensational marketing, Ambient marketing. Along with its numerous advantages and attention-grabbing quality, Guerilla marketing does have certain negative points that a marketer has to consider before starting any campaign. This paper mainly focuses on the origin, development, and multiple aspects of Guerilla marketing.

Guerilla Marketing Tools:

Out-of-Home Weapons

As the term itself is saying that the actions being performed are not at home but at public places which helps the marketer to not only grab the public attention but also people from media put their interest as well. The more creative the campaign is, the more it becomes a matter of talk among the people and ultimately leads to the awareness of the brand to a great extent.

Ambient Marketing

Ambient Marketing cuts all the ways of traditional marketing. A lot of marketers invest their time in doing out of home advertising like using big billboards and all, the ambient marketing focuses on doing its advertising at places that have direct contact with the customers like on the pizza cartons, trolleys in the mall, and pasting on the subways which is a little more unusual. Ambient marketing has no specified limits of what and how they are going to advertise, the only objective they have is to reach the maximum of their target group in a very creative and entertaining way.

Guerilla Sensation

The Guerilla Sensation is similar to Ambient Marketing and it also chooses the unusual ways of doing the advertising. The only difference between ambient marketing and guerilla sensation is that unlike ambient marketing guerilla sensation goes for a limited number of places for their advertisements and their focus is not on the great idea but on the space where they are going to do their advertising.

Ambush Marketing

Ambush Marketing is also a form of out-of-home marketing where they do their advertisements in public places and promotes their brand without the payment of sponsorship fees. Many brands pay a big amount at the large events to promote their brand but ambush marketing does not pay and still manages to be the events and promote their brands.

New Media Weapons

With the development in technologies all over the globe, we are entering into a new pace of something different, innovative which contributes to the better and high quality of our lives. In today’s time with the convenient way of mobile phones and the internet, everything is available at the doorsteps and the marketers are also grabbing this opportunity to expand their ways to do the advertisements and reach their customers.

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is nothing but as the term itself is suggesting is a form of marketing where the marketers try to promote their product by creating a buzz in the market which further leads to the way of communication between two people and word of mouth marketing takes place. All this scenario from creating a buzz to letting people talk about it leads to the spreading more and more about the brand in the market.

Guerilla Mobile

Nowadays there is hardly any person who is not carrying the mobile phones with them and with the increase in the usage of mobile phones it has become more convenient for both the customers and the marketers to enjoy a wireless connection which is providing the sending and receiving messages, emails through which one can choose what they want to do.

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