Helping Others to Help You

We live in the society with and among people. They could be young or old, relatives or friends, clients or customers, seniors or juniors or colleagues, countrymen or strangers, rich or poor, illiterate or literate. As our life gyrates around community, our accomplishment and happiness are greatly dependent on them. Therefore, one who can gain the self-confidence and win the willing support and assistance of others alone can lead and succeed.

Getting along with people is not all that intricate. If you are genuinely engrossed in others, they in turn will take and show concern in you. If you really like others, they in turn will take you in a big way. People are our most significant asset. We must invest in them and help them to help us. To get what you want, you must first give what the other person wants. To have a friend, you must be a friend first.

A joyful, thoughtful and helpful person immediately attracts the attention of others and establishes ready rapport with them. Action always speaks better than words and a pleasant smile proclaims, “I like you, you make me happy and I am glad to meet you.” A true smile at once attracts a return smile. It is sunshine to the sad daylight to the disheartened. With your pleasant smile and your friendly handshake you can enlighten others that you are very much interested in them.

The magnificent road to a man’s heart is to talk to him about himself and the things he treasure most. He is million times more interested in himself than in you or me. Encourage him to talk about himself, his accomplishments, his wishes and his aspirations. Ask questions which he will enjoy answering. Listen with interest and eagerness. Never interrupt or oppose. Never condemn or discourage.

A winning personality has indisputable interest in, and sincere liking for, other people. Sincerity is the big secret in getting others to go along with us. It is the thrilling word that makes our personality sizzle rather than fizzle. To win a man to our cause, we must first convince him by words and deeds that we are his sincere friends. We must prove that we are his sincere friends. We must prove that we are not selfish and self-centered but are equally concerned and conscious of his needs, hopes and aspirations. If there is one secret of success, it is the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from his angle as well as your own.

Fine understanding and appropriate appreciation make people more significant than anything else; we can give them that when we start to appreciate, it forces us to think of the other person and compels us to recognize his magnitude. Let us not wait till somebody does something big to show appreciation. Let us, instead, start looking for things we can appreciate in people we meet, move with and deal with. Let us work with, and not against, people. Let us make others part of our team and let the team win and coronet itself with triumph and grandeur. Helping you to get along well with people and win.

Vijay Bhushan
Associate Professor – Departmet of Arts & Humanities

Kalinga Universty

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