Importance of Digital Image Processing

Akanksha Mishra

Assistant Professor - Department of Civil CSE Kalinga University, New Raipur

Abstract: – Digital Image Processing provides wide areas to researchers to work under multiple areas of computer science engineering. Its growth leads by innovation in technologies that provide a new ideas everyday to work on. Digital Image Processing is always an exciting field to explore which provide a fast, cheap and accurate product.


            The simple definition of image processing is the processing the raw image using digital computer in order  to produce high quality image without any kind of noise and artifacts. Now a day’s digital image processing has become very popular in the field of face recognition, signature recognition, automobile recognition and military application. The image processing mostly deal with Image enhancement, image acquisition, feature extraction, image segmentation process. Digital image processing mostly involve following steps:

  • Import image via an image acquisition tools.
  • Manipulating the image using image processing algorithms.
  • Final Output with high quality image.

Digital image processing has bright future in new intelligent, smart and most accurate digital robots creation. Due to innovation in technologies, image processing techniques are transforming the vision of world. Image processing applications can make it possible for machine to act more sufficient and ensure the quality of product. Almost every field in our daily life has been impacted by evolution of science and technology.


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