iTwin Technology: A limitless USB Device

Smruti Smaraki Sarangi

Assistant Professor - Department of CS and IT Kalinga University, New Raipur


There are various types of data storage devices are there like USB flash drive that includes flash memory with integrated USB interface and Cloud storage that store data remotely and accessed as per requirement.

But there are some certain limitations are there that is USB flash drive are small in size which can be easily misplaced or lost which contains very sensitive and confidential information and Cloud data can be stolen or misused if account accessible user id and password is hacked. The other disadvantages are limited storage capacity, no security, back up, temporary files, no remote disable feature etc.

The advanced technique is iTwin Technology which is a limitless secured USB device that permits users to access, edit and share all files and media between two online computers anywhere in the world. The various features of i-Twin technology is bi-directional file access, no temp files, remote disable, smart key generation, password support and twintrust authentication.


i-Twin is an innovative solution that allows remote file access without security and privacy risks of cloud and USB flash drives. It is very easy to access as a USB device which does not required any special installation. i-Twin uses crypto protocols and AES 256 bit encryption algorithms. i-Twin was invented by an Indian Lux Anantharaman, who completed his B.Tech in EEE from IIT Chennai and Masters from IISc Bangalore.

The organization iTwin discover a revolutionary new file sharing and remote access USB device and as the name of organization this USB device is known as i-Twin. This device has two ends of a cable without the cable connection. It can connect any two online computers anywhere in the world which is used as a flash drive just like plug and play. Through i-Twin we can access any no. of computer files and folders while moving of our personal computer or office computers. There is no certain limitation on amount of storage that we can access through i-Twin but the limitation is the size of devices hard drives and speed of internet connectivity.

The various operations can be performed through i-Twin USB device that we can select files, edit files, back-up files remotely from home or office desktop while moving which is very easy and unbelievable.

Working of i-Twin USB device Technology:

            When we connect i-Twin USB device, a regular window pop-up occur as per general pen drive connection happens to the system. Then we can drag and drop files and folders into the window and share them as many as per our requirement. Then we leave our computer with one half of i-Twin connection to it and detach other part of i-Twin and take it while go out.

Wherever we go we can remotely access the shared files, simply by plugging the other part which we took with us into any online windows computer anywhere.

i-Twin allows to transfer files or folder from one computer to other so easily and we can also edit the shared files and folders on a remote computer while keeping them on that remote computer and it is not required to transfer the files before editing.

Features of i-Twin USB device:

  1. Smart Key Generation: Two i-Twins together can generate a random AES key of 256 bit, each time they are physically paired and plugged to a computer system. On the two halves of paired i-Twin smart crypto keys present that is used for encryption of all data traffic between two i-Twins.
  2. No “Temp Files”: When i-Twin is unplugged then all temp files are purged automatically which is very much useful when using a computer that does not belongs to us.
  3. Password support: i-Twin provide password support feature and the password is of any length that can be set. The password of i-Twin is stored on itself not on any server. If we forget the password, then simply paired the both halves of i-Twin and plug them into the computer and then create a new password which don’t need any technical support.
  4. Bi-directional File Access: The connection between the two computers is completely symmetrical while i-Twin is used. We can access, copy, backup and edit files remotely form one computer to other and vice versa and we can have access the file on both the computers.
  5. i-Twin is like the two ends of a cable without the cable connectivity. It is just like a wireless device that connects two different system and transfer data securely in between these two systems.

Software Required for i-Twin:

  1. Minimum 512MB, 1GB RAM recommended
  2. Requires 15 MB hard-disk space
  3. USB 2.0 port
  4. Broad-band internet access


i-Twin USB device technology is a awesome solution for the home user those wishes to access and change their files remotely and securely. It bypasses the virtual cloud world services and turns the physical storage into its own networking solution. It is very simple to use and inexpensively solves the Dropbox limitations. For those we want to keep file up-to-date between two computers which is connected with i-Twin USB device technology.



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