Mathematics And Its Contribution To The Development Of The Society

Mathematics is related to numbers & algorithms. It performs many operations. It helps in calculation, computation and solving many problems. But it not limited to only addition, subtractions, multiplication and division of numbers.

 We see that in our daily life at every place we are using mathematics, e.g. in playground, food cooking, watching the time and date, stitching, marketing etc.  


Mathematics & Its contribution

 Mathematics plays an important role in the improvement of society level; we need to discuss the     following:

  1. The Importance of Mathematics in  the Development of Social  activity

              The improvement of society relies on the co-activity of the public individuals. Social abilities are

created through gathering.  For having social existence one requires knowledge of mathematics.  Business, industry and commerce is an exchange process which relies on the mathematical skills.


  1. The Importance of Mathematics in the Development of Mental ability


Mathematics makes our daily life orderly as well as it increases the problems solving ability. It provides certain qualities like power of reasoning, creativity, problem solving ability, critical thinking and solving money calculation problems etc. It helps us to develop the mental ability of mind. Therefore, it’s called mental mathematics.

Mathematics helps improvement of people’s memory. It’s improving the capacity of storing more of data in their brain. People are also able to increase their strong will power, patience and problem solving capacity by the mathematics. People are able to gain their logical thinking by the arability of mathematics. Every issue of mathematics groups such as arrangement which is important for productive and imaginative procedure. Mental capacities of people are increased through mathematics.

  1. The Importance of Mathematics in the Development of Education system

Mathematics is involved at each and every single action of our life.  When it comes to bringing in change in any system or our selves then we need to measure the old and present results. This comparison can be only possible with the help of mathematics.

In the education system, many subjects are available e.g. Physics, statistics, chemistry, geography, history, economics, business statistics, astronomy, commerce etc. but Knowledge of all these subjects are difficult without mathematics. So to bring in changes to education system, first we have to bring awareness among students, parents & teachers. So that the young generation can join interested professional courses and become self-independent with their thinking.

Accordingly, we can plan and execute the changes. So, mathematics is very important in the development of education system. If Next generation wants to improve current technology then they will need knowledge of mathematics.

  1. The Importance of Mathematics in the Development of Economics

Mathematics plays important role in economics. Economy has different aspects in which it is measuring life standards of living, health care, work, life balance, stock market and accessibility to the general resources, etc.

To measure all the mathematical formulas is most important. So yeah if you need to bring in change, you need to have knowledge of mathematics, and its applications.  As we are seeing economy of each, and every country is increasing rapidly. For furthermore development of economy applied mathematics will be needed. If there is no mathematics, it is very difficult to understand the economy.

  1. The Importance of Mathematics in the Development of science and technology

Mathematics is the base of any research and development. In the 20th and 21st century, science and technology departments are incomplete without mathematics. It  gives the ability to measure, predict and improve the present technologies like as digital image technology, Nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and rockets, etc. allows to quantifying  and predict accurate results which in term help in developing, inventing, or discovering new things.

            Just for an example assume we want to measure a value of any variable, but we don’t have the mathematics or any number system. Then, how will you find its value?

            It’s very difficult to see science and technology without mathematics. All the devices, technologies every – thing made in this world is build by the equations and formulas in the base of science and science is made from the mathematics. Mathematics is the core of the science and technology. All the formulas we are using, scale values we are taking etc. come from the mathematics. Whatever technology will develop in the future will depend on mathematics. So mathematics is very important for the development of science and technology.

  1. The Importance of Mathematics in the Development of Medical science

All the comparison and measurement is done with basic mathematics, for example increase or decrease in moisture in our body or in the environment. This helps us to see the change in our body and other organism with the help of advance technology.

          In medical science many applications available are related to mathematics. I can state few applications:

  1. In hospital, doctors and nurses daily write prescriptions of medicine.
  2. In Drug designing and calculation of dose.
  3. Epidemiological studies.
  4. Research level.
  5. Reading of CAT scans and X-rays.

    These are only few to list here, there is a long list.

  1. The Importance of Mathematics Education in Women Empowerment

Mathematics make our life orderly, and prevents chaos. It has the power of reasoning, creativity abstract and even effectively communication skill. It is too important in women’s life to make her confident and independent in their lives. Importance of mathematics in women empowerment is not only the growth of confidence in using this subject, but also a personal sense of power over the creation and validation of knowledge. This is a personal form of empowerment, and the development of personal identity. This knowledge has mainly two abilities which are traditionally glassed regarding understood and showing mathematical problems both routines and non-routine. It also promotes gender equality and empowerment.

         “Mathematics involves much in solving life’s problems; there is no technology without science  and of course no science without mathematics.”


Priyanka Singh

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Kalinga University

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