One Step To Plastic Free Environment

Making some small changes can have a big impact on the use a plastic on a daily basis.

We’ve all seen many articles about the several environmental problems caused by single-use plastics, Governments and corporations have taken many actions to stop the single use plastic.

Bring your own shopping bag

Bringing your own carry bag can make a huge difference; according to one study approx 5 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used each year. Bringing your own plastic bag is common but a good environmental practice

Avoid Plastic straws

Plastic straws affected our oceans badly. Next time when you order a drink just think and say no to straw

Avoid disposable plastic cutlery

We’ve in the time where we used to order food online so avoiding using disposable plastic cutlery also helps to control the plastic pollution

Carry your own water bottle

Always carry your own water bottle unless buying plastic water bottle from railway station, food market etc according to one study approx 5 billion to 10 billion plastic bags are used each year.

Try to use reusable coffee cup

Bringing your own thermos for to-go coffee is another effective and easy way to reduce your plastic footprint.

Use refill stations for detergents.

There are some products where it’s hard to avoid a plastic container (like washing liquid or laundry liquid) in place of buying a new bottle you can refill your old bottle this may help to reduce the plastic consumption.

Shop in bulk

For many households, the majority of plastic waste is generated in the kitchen. So one of the effective ways to decrease the packaging waste madness is to bring your own bags and containers and stock up on bulk foods. Shopping with jars is a great option to reduce plastic use.



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