Retaining and Motivating Employee

Mrs. G. Divya

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Commerce and Management

One of the worst nightmares a manager faces is at the time when his best employee is resigning from the job. The manager is well aware of the aftermath as now he needs to find a replacement that is skilled enough for that particular role in the organization.  Finding a replacement will indeed add up to his day-to-day responsibilities and additionally, he might even have to assume that vacant role or find a temporary fix to the situation.

Of course, the impact is felt beyond the manager’s worries of searching for a substitute after the employee’s resignation. One’s resignation leaves an impact on his colleagues and all other people who are related to him in the organization. Why did he resign from the company? Is our job secured in this organization? Is there a better opportunity in the market at the moment? These are some intriguing questions that peer network prefers to discuss. While some of them might even start mailing their resumes for other jobs in a jiffy.

That is why we need to understand the chances of an employee leaving the organization, places where we might lack motivation, and reasons why an employee might not be satisfied with the job. An understanding of these reasons allows us to frame more clear strategies for retaining employees and thereby reducing the employee turnover rates. For this reason, employee retention and employee motivation must be a top priority for an HR Manager as well as for an organization.

It’s not always an organization that needs to be thoughtful about retaining an employee. At times employees also tend to show negativity towards their jobs owing to personal reasons. It usually occurs when employees share a personal objective that is different from that of the organization’s objective. For example, an employee on a job is for only gathering information for his gain. Hence, retention strategies must be clearly defined to un-surface such intentions and take decisions in the favour of an organization.

What do employees get when we retain them?

  1. Employee retentions will always increase employee morale.
  2. Employee becomes more loyal towards the organization.

What do organizations get when employees are retained?

  1. Organizations get to have employees who are “Best” among the others.
  2. Organizations will have a cost advantage which happens to take place when you recruit and select a new employee.
  3. Organizations will save training costs.
  4. Organizations on the loyalty of the employees.

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