Technology Can Heal Earth

We all know that technology has made our lives easier. It has solved many problems, whether they are related to long- distance communication or to healing the people from the deadliest diseases, by providing them with proper medication. But during this process of healing, the technology has been responsible for the environmental issues and various ecological changes. Everyone discusses the issues created due to technology but instead of criticizing it, because of its adverse effects on the environment, one must focus on using the very thing that has caused this to heal it. Technology has healed people, and now it’s time for it to heal the earth. According to Alan Eddison, ‘Modern technology owes ecology an apology’, and it is true, as humans were intervening in the ecosystem for the sole reason – that is ‘Technical Development’. But now technology is also being used for saving wildlife. Many endangered species like elephants and rhinos are tracked with GPS and trackers which are embedded in the smart collars. Any natural distress among the wildlife or any harm caused by predators can be detected by monitoring their sounds and noises remotely. Diseases like cancer can be cured by the technology of Gene Sequencing to save the endangered species. Drones are also used for the conservation of wildlife as well as forests as they can be used to monitor various species and can be used to protect them from natural disasters like wildfire. Adopting a ‘Smart Lifestyle’ is one of the ways to protect the environment as it is a safe and sustainable lifestyle. Smart homes help people to live green by not allowing more than required wastage of energy sources. This is done by sensing the energy required for household works with the help of advanced sensors and also keeping in check the amount of energy utilized. By using renewable energy sources, smart homes monitor and help people present in the house to make decisions that can help in sustainable living. Natural waste management systems are also employed by smart homes with in-built recycling methods, with the help of which less amount of waste is generated. Apart from smart homes, the development of smart cars also contributes to reduced conventional automobile pollution and helps save energy. To sum up, every good comes with something bad. So, it is our responsibility to use the ‘good’ in such a way that the ‘bad’ can be eliminated. Similarly, if the technology can be used in such a way that it can be used to its full potential, it also causes ruckus for the environment. Thus, it is our responsibility to use this technology for the betterment of the environment so that the bad influences of the technology can be eliminated.

Mr Sandeep Mishra

Assistant Professor

Department of Electrical Engineering

 Kalinga University

 Naya Raipur


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