That Skinny Girl

It’s funny when you pick my arms and measure it with your encircled thumb and index finger to prove to me that I need more meat. It’s funny when you casually just call me names like chicken legs, match sticks and mask it as being playful. I find it amusing when your description of me is “oh that skinny girl” but for others its mostly by their name, their rightful identity. I find it funny how a drop in a 0.5kg instantly translates to having some weird food disorder. I also find it funny when you think handing me over your clothes so that I can re-stitch those to fit my body type, is the ideal and economic thing to do. I also find it funny that you think your approach are the ideal actions to suggest to help me restructure my body shape, all the while asking me tips to become like me.

I think it’s hilarious that I am even thinking about this because that I would honestly like, is to think about eating my favorite food without worrying about the quantity. Wear the dress I fancy and not to be met with “you are too skinny for that”When I ask for your opinion in the trial room what I would really like is to be acknowledged by my beautiful name. What I would really like is for you to not “think “that I am an anorexic and look at me with those presumptuous eyes of concern as if I am diseased individual. What I would really like is for you to not normalize your “skinny” remarks because that’s the conversation starter pack for you. What I would really like is for you to STOP!

Because, I know that my metabolism is at work, my genes are Stubborn about adding weight. I know I don’t want to hate words Like skinny and fat. I know I am trying to accept myself in this  body. I know I could do without the everyday struggle and the need to reach my ideal bodyshape according to you because above alI know that I just want to be me because everyone is beautiful in the way they are.

Ankita Malik

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce and Management, Kalinga University

Email Id: ankita.malik@kalingauniversit

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