The Impact of environmental change on natural Calamity

Ms. Sarvaree Bano

Assistant Professor - Faculty of Chemistry Kalinga University, New Raipur

Climate change is already occurring as a result of human greenhouse gas emissions. This instances where recent severe events have sparked discussion about the potential impact of climate change and provides an outline of the relationship between climate change and weather extremes.

Over the ensuing decades and millennia, the climate will continue to change and is currently changing. Climate change is already causing localized patterns in average temperatures and precipitation in many locations, and somewhat accurate future estimates can help with planning decisions. In addition to altering established hazards and dangers, climate change also increases uncertainty and creates surprises.

Reducing disaster risk and implementing more thorough development planning are essential for coping with the rising dangers brought on by climate change. This is crucial given the growing sensitivity to natural disasters, which is shown, for example, in the expanding numbers of impacted individuals and the rising costs of economic loss. Climate change is usually always just another aspect to take into account that may be incorporated into current risk mitigation methods.

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