The Mystery Of Life Origin Solved

Since a very long time the origin of life on earth has been a very complex mystery to be solved. Two groups of researchers have provided strong evidences on this unsolved problem. The joint study had provided evidences in support that the first form of life on earth was common algae.

Scientists from Caltech, Max Planck Institute and Australian National University jointly studied the fossils from 635 million years old rocks. The team conducted detailed molecular studies on these fossils and provided important information. The research provided an explanation in support to the alteration of molecular structures due to various geological processes. This results into the production of molecules which are very much similar to the biological products from Poriferans.

The mystery of evolution of the first animal ancestor had been troubling palaeontologists for more than 100 years. The quest to solve the puzzle began a decade earlier, due to the discovery of animal steroid obtained from molecular fossils from a rock found in the Middle East sea.

The poriferans are the most abundant organisms of sea floor and produce these animal steroids even though their body fossils are not found on the sea bed. Since these are the only organisms which are capable of producing these steroids, and were now being shown to transform or mimic into different animal sterols by various chemical reactions, the scientists had been able to understand the various transformation processes of this ancient biological chemical and provided the link for the evolutionary processes.

The study had been accredited by getting it published in world renowned journal: Nature Ecology and Evolution. 

Dr Manoj Singh

Kalinga University

 Naya Raipur


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