The Stroke of Genius with a Touch of Madness

Dr. G.V.V. Jagannadha Rao

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics Kalinga University, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Are you a genius in your mind? Take your time to react since evidence backs up the adage that smart people are also a little crazy. Doctor James McCabe of King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry speaks on Pod academy about the relationship between great intelligence and mental diseases, referencing Aristotle who said, “No bright mind ever lived without a touch of craziness.”

Dr. McCabe differentiates between bipolar disease and schizophrenia, explaining that whereas schizophrenia is primarily about heredity and delusions, bipolar disorder is about mood swings. “The word bipolar was coined to describe the illness’s two poles. So, on the one hand, there’s mania, which is when your mood is extremely joyful, and you’re often highly creative and energetic… Then there’s a depression on the other end of the spectrum… They suffer severe sleep disturbances, a loss of appetite, and a lack of energy. They may experience hallucinations and delusions as a result of it on occasion. The third state is having a stable mood, somewhere in the center, and the goal of bipolar disorder therapy is to increase the amount of time patients spend in that middle range, which is when they’re at their most productive.

In Europe, half to one percent of the population is affected, though classifications are changing and the number of people classified as having manic depression has increased.

Now for the study’s most important finding: both lower and higher performers have a higher risk of acquiring manic depression.

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