Top Fashion Trends Of 2020

As the year passes, new styles take the market by storm. From designer showrooms and runways to street style fashion across the world, there have been plenty of new and creative looks to try this year. From the omnipresent neutral color to a myriad of bright color combinations, there is something for everyone’s taste. Here we see these top trends from AW/20 fashion weeks everywhere you go.

1. Bright Pop Color Suits

Make a statement in your everyday life from the office to drinks with your friends in a bright suit style. These shots of bright colors would elevate anyone’s day and wardrobe instantly. Rather than going for traditional shades of the primary colors, try your hand at something with a bang, such as blue or red. Find a hue that best suit your skin tone and rock it in its entirety as it speaks your loud energy. Add accessories like a bold clutch hand bag and a pair of funky or stylish heels to highlight the colors to its extreme potential. It’s a versatile combination that these styles allows you to stand out amongst the crowd.

2. Brown PU Leather Coats

Don’t let the freezing weather dull your style by rocking a brown PU coat. Although the faux leather outerwear is a classic and understated option for the colder months yet it remains on-trend this season. You can style it with a pair of slim line trousers or a mini skirt. You can even tie the waist in and create a dress. The perfect shades to compliment this item include black, grey, or blue.

3. Natural Tones All Over

 This is one of the longest-lasting trends in the market for the past few seasons, and it doesn’t seems to be going anywhere soon. These monochromatic and neutral shades outfits are not only easy to replicate in almost every other designs but also look great on everyone. You can select from a sandy-colored suit with a turtleneck to a boiler suit or leather skirt. You can experiment with varying shades of this neutral tone – try sand, camel, or even buff. The combinations are endless, and it is a timeless option for anyone’s wardrobe.

4. Wide Leg Trousers Tucked into Boots

Mixing and matching new styles has always been a great way to discover something new and even inspire new genre of fashion, and that’s exactly what this latest trend does. By tucking your straight leg trousers into boots creates a funky and dynamic spin on the classic outfit, and adds a subtle punk twist to your ensemble. Whether you prefer combat to cowboy designs, you can find these styles to be the perfect fit to your personality.

5. Blue Styled with Natural Tones

These style have been the most prominent color combinations of the season, neutral colour combinations with a pair of blue are a popular choice. It combines some of the popular hues of the last few months and puts a magical touch to it. You can select a sleek brown suit with a bright blue bag, or rock a monochrome combination in the colorful shade and add a pair of classic leather footwear. Best feature is that both colors complement each other at same level so you can make two different combinations with the same design by interchanging the colors.

6. Yellow Maxi Coats

Light up even the coldest days in one of these warm sunny maxis. Yellow is a bold and vibrant shade with a high impact in any background which always turns a few heads. Flatter the hue with varying shades, or completely light it up with a white turtleneck and brown boots. From a trench coat to a puff jacket, there are lots of ways to make this style make its impact.

7. Cream Color Slouch Boots

Keep it on the slouch with these funky boots. Sitting just below the knee and crumpled with every step, this footwear looks fabulous during the colder months. Whether you prefer a warm shade of cream or you’re into coffee brown, you can up the level up every outfit. Compliment the pale hue with a white T-shirt or button-down under a coat – make them stand out with a black dress and oversized blazer.

8. Tiger Prints

Every season, there’s a new animal print to highlight in market – this season, we’re going crazy for the tiger pattern. This funky and ferocious print is a great way to lighten up a monochrome outfit without going overboard. The combination of black and warm brown will match the fall temperature perfectly. Add a pair of blue jeans into the mix, and you can also play with patterned accessories or shoes to compliment the look. This style is the straight up answer for a unique trend.

9. Pop Color Soft Handheld Bags

From Bottega Veneta to Miu Miu, there are a lot of designers who are embracing these soft styles. The billowy leather is the best option for the colder months, and there are plenty of fun ways to wear it. Use a bright pop of color amongst the rest of your ensemble, yellow amongst blue or burgundy with white. Hold any complimentary bright color accessory under your arm for maximum impact – it’s a comfy and stylish choice for everyone.

10. Chain Necklaces Worn with Hoop Earrings

When it comes to accessorizing, sometimes more is more. This style adds a chic chain necklace with a pair of stunning hoops. These classic jewelry options are timeless in design and work with every type of outfit. Opt for gold or silver for a traditional feel, or splash a little color into your outfit with a statement piece which highlights the whole ensemble. No matter where you are heading this style takes the notice of the crowd.

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Mrs. Smita Premanand

Assistant Professor, Department of Fashion Designing, Kalinga University

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