A Philosophical Approach to Neuronal Illness and Dialectic Positivity

Dr. Shilpi Bhattacharya, Professor and Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Department of English, Kalinga University, Kotni, Raipur Chhattisgarh, India


Each age has specific problems of its kind. When the bacterial age arrived, the development of antibiotics served as a weapon to end it. The influenza epidemic ushered in the viral era, which was eventually vanquished by immunological developments. Thus, it is clear that pathological sickness is effectively under control; thanks to new immunological technology. On the other hand, the 21st century is marked by neurological disorders like depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), borderline personality disorder (BPD), etc. In fact, these are infarctions, not infections. Something brought on by too much positivity rather than the negativity of what is immunologically foreign. As a result, infarctions are unaffected by any of the technologies employed to combat aliens. The world developed vaccinations to combat illnesses; these include introducing an alien body into a healthy body to elicit an immune response. To put it another way, negation of negation happens without the risk of death. With this idea in mind, infarctions can be treated by causing a minor degree of self-inflicted injury that shields the victim from a much greater threat that could prove fatal. Thus, dialectic positivity, or, to put it another way, a pathological condition brought on by an excess of positivity, is the source of the current neurological sickness. To return to this concept, we can see that as excessive information and generalized communication are now threats to all human defenses. Similarly, the same cannot improve defense in a system that is dominated by the same, as the same cannot cause the development of antibodies. Therefore, all infarctions hint to an excess of positivity. This happens when it takes the shape of ego that in turn takes control of everything, which is the result of doing too much of the same. As a result of the massification of the positive, the twenty-first century is currently experiencing the worst infarction.  

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