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Construction Chemicals in Civil Engineering Infrastructures


                                                                        Head-Department of Civil Engineering

                                                                        Kaling University,Naya Raipur,CG.



Construction chemical market is growing in folds day by day and it may cross 72 Billion USD by the year 2028.In the year 2021,it was 51 Billion USD.This trend is to be continued

over the period specially due to its increase in application in Highway/Transportation related industries.Application of construction chemicals is a highly specialized job and work is to be supervised by the technical persons or consultants as it depends upon the type of product , its usability and geography. Storing construction chemicals for a long period of time is not possible.This has restricted it’s market growth.Construction chemicals are the specially designed additives which provides the product to be helpful in sustainable development of infrastructure.Even with the advancements in this area , construction chemicals are even used in Green buildings as energy conservant.Application of construction chemicals has increased durability and serviceability of infrastructures.It is recommended nowadays by the government authorities to make use of such additives mandatorily and its dominance will be continued throughout in future.Furthermore, infrastructural industries across the globe are pushing the demand for construction chemicals.Implementation of Green Building byelaws related to high quality waterproofing chemicals this market is increasing exponentially .Construction chemical market holds a major cap of the market share.These chemicals are also used to enhance structural stability and integrity.Retrofitting and rehabilitation sector is also making use of construction chemicals which is also the reason behind the increase in demand.These chemicals are found to be most effective to protect and repair the damaged portion.There are large number of construction chemicals which are widely used to enhance or to improve the properties of construction work.Lot of job opportunities will be available in future.Many new construction chemicals are being launched by the companies across the globe.Researchers can also think to proceed in this direction for novel and quality work.Artifical Intelligence (AI) can be employed in this area and lot of new tools can be developed

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